Lisboa, 2009

Light tapestry for "Green Ray" party at LuxFrágil.
Designed to celebrate the thematic "Green Ray" party, organized by our client LuxFrágil with the collaboration of Patrick Goor, this light installation is simultaneously an intensely physical and artistic experience for the invited guests. Our design, using green lasers and mirrors producing totally analog visual effects, consists of two light sculptures: a green ray of light apparently perforating the building and a big outdoor light tapestry whose appearance changes according to the movement of the guests that become co-creators and yet challenged to take part of this collaborative experience.

Design and direction by André Rangel.

Project by André Rangel Project by André Rangel

Northeast view of the light tapestry.

Project by André Rangel

Guests presence determines the light tapestry appearence.

Project by André Rangel

Example of pattern created by the guests presence.

Project by André Rangel

Another pattern achieved by the guests colaborative experience.

Project by André Rangel

East view of the light tapestry.

Project by André Rangel

Green ray "leaving" the building by the back wall.

Video report

Intermedia concept and design by 3kta. Art and creative direction by André Rangel and Anne-Kathrin Siegel. Laser setup and Technical Consultancy: Gilles Libert, Ligações2. Production by LuxFrágil, Manuel Reis and Pedro Fradique. Special thanks to Patrick Goor, Labworks.