3kta is a lab for conception, design, production and presentation of intermedia processes. It exploits the interaction potential between the media in the process of structuring new models, aiming to expand human perception. 3kta works are often focused on emergent states built from pre-existing media, basing their composition syntax on computer programming languages.

3kta organizes time and space by planting information, forming perceivable situations modeled towards the presence of an audience. Often 3kta's practice reflects desire for sensual pleasure enveloping the audience that becoming the key site of interactive installations is transformed from a communication receptor in to main supplier while co-creating and forming the artworks. This meta-conception approach investigates the relationships between artists and audience bringing together the spheres of making and feeling an artwork.

"New media and digital artists are renowned for their ability to appropriate and combine very diverse creative fields and disciplines. Most of the time, this synthesis remains hesitant, limited and within the strict borders of classic encounters between art, science and technology. Multimedia artists and designers 3kta (André Rangel et Anne-Kathrin Siegel) firmly intend to break this monotonous cycle and explore new horizons.(...)
Is it sport? Is it a game? Is it art? Frankly, we’re not sure and we’re also not sure it really matters anymore. The traditional barriers of distinction are continuously being subverted by artists to the point of obsolescence and this hybrid project is just one example of an interactive environment that positions artistic creation as an integral and unavoidable component of the experience. And we’re all for that.”

by Morgan Poyau
in: thecreatorsprojects March 28, 2011
André Rangel

André Rangel (1971), artist and designer, founder and art director of 3kta studio.

His thought and practice explores the thresholds and permeability between art, design and computational technologies. He has been developing and disseminating knowledge and skills inherent to the process of making and experiencing intermedia, interactive and multi-sensory artworks.

Professor at Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto; Integrated researcher at i2ADS – Research Institute in Art, Design and Society ; PhD in Science and Technology of Arts, Master in Digital Arts and holds a Degree in Communication Design; Co-Organiser and Co-Founder of xCoAx - International Conference in Computing, Communication, Aesthetics and X.