Demonstration of the theory 'Audible and Visible Spectrums - a proposal of correspondence'


SoLu was designed to demonstrate André Rangel's theory of correspondence between sound and light at the 'EVA Conference - Electronic Visualisation and the Arts' which took place at the BCS - British Computer Society, London 2010. The proposed theory of correspondence can be accessed here. SoLu is a smaller and simplified version of the previous Colmus produced early in 2009. SoLu gives its users the control over a audiovisual algorithmic composition generated in real-time. This hyperinstrument was designed and produced at 3kta studios. Visual documentation was produced at 'Sala do Coro' from Portuguese Catholic University - UCP.

The hyperinstrument

The interface

Easy to use custom contoller made of EL-Wire and polymer.

Video from the hyperinstrument prototype





Theory: André Rangel

Design and Production: 3kta

Art Directors: André Rangel and Anne-Kathrin Siegel

EL-Wire: Lytec Asia

Software developed with: MaxMSP and Jitter

Collaboration: Simon Tagis a.k.a STRB

Special Thanks:School of Arts - UCP; Foundation for Science and Technolgy - FCT; Portuguese Ministry of Education



© 3kta 2010