Colmus results from a multisensorial intermedia composition process. As hyperinstrument it materializes a correspondence proposal between Music and Color. Custom designed software includes an algorithm that converts sound frequency to color wavelength and color wavelength to RGB color space. Melody and rhythm are real time generated based on algorithmic compositional methods. A custom interface was designed allowing users to control the melodic line and the composition beats per minute. This hyperinstrument was designed and produced by André Rangel at 3kta studio. CITAR - Universidade Católica Portuguesa hosted the first Colmus demonstration.

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Detailed information about this correspondence proposal can be downloaded here: Portuguese version - English Version. If you wish to receive further information about future developments please subscribe Colmus mailing list.

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Dr. Álvaro Barbosa, support given to this presentation; Architect Anne-Kathrin Siegel, Ergonomics and Musical Consultancy; Dr. António Sousa Dias, feedback and guidance; Mathematicians António Pinto Leite and Madalena Cardoso, Maths consultancy; Engineer Castro Freitas, Electronics Consultancy; Cycling74 crew, for Max MSP devlopment; Fernando Alçada and Carla Megre Designers, tested the hyperinstrument; Dr. Gustavo Martins, Dr. Carlos Caires and Dra Daniela Coimbra, concepts and knowledge presented in their classes; Artist Johny deKam, introduced me to Generative Design practices back in 2001, Composer Jorge Antunes, made personaly available his studys results; Photgrapher Jorge Rego, photographic coverage; Craftsman José Lima, iron arch; Dr. Paulo Ferreira Lopes motivation and guidance; Simon Rangel and Ana Alçada, performers of the the hyperinstrument; Engenier Stefan Grünsteidl, optoelectronics consultancy; Colleague Telmo Marques, landed me some bibliography; everyone that influenced my work.


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