3.11 – Tribute to Sol LeWitt
Porto and Lisboa, 2017

3.11 is an intermedia artwork that revisits Sol LeWitt’s “Variations of incomplete open cubes”. 3.11 integrates a provocative reactive system that triggers visitors' actions, transforming them into performers, authors and mediums of the artwork itself. A pair of potentiometers allow humans to control an arduino board, instructed to draw, on a display constituted by twelve T8-LED Glass tubes, any of the 122 variations of LeWitt’s work. 3.11 reiterates the algorithmic dimension of LeWitt’s work that has been mainly recognised as conceptual art. During the 3.11 design process a mistake on LeWitt’s work was identified that hadn't been found before. Being too late to correct LeWitt, the mistake is now part of this new art experience. For a full explanation of this work check the paper written about this work presented at xCoAx 2017.

Design, direction, software and hardware by André Rangel.
Acknowledgments: Anne-Kathrin Siegel, José Paiva, Miguel Carvalhais and Simon Rangel.

Project by André Rangel Project by André Rangel Project by André Rangel