While practicing a vigorous physical activity, the players control all audiovisual events that occur in the space/time of the game. They perform a live show and simultaneously produce a database of light drawn images.

The space where the event takes place is colored with light which is controlled by players movements. Their rackets and arms are decorated with electro luminescent wire and the shuttlecock (speeder) with a bright LED, providing vivid dynamic scenic effects.

In the beginning of each game, users choose on an iPod ™ touch device a soundscape associated with visuals and colors for the ambience lighting system. Syndyn rackets are equipped with sensors that detect each hit of the speeder. A radio transmitter system broadcasts the sensors data to the central processing unit (computer). The hits on the rackets are accompanied by synchronous real-time synthesized sounds, by an instant change in the ambience light color according to the previous players choices and by real time generated visuals.

In addition to this real-time audiovisual response, players can also take a visual memory of their game. A long exposure photographic camera covers the playing area. This camera registers the traces that represent the trajectories and movements of the lighting speeder, the lighting racquets and the lighting arms. The resulting drawings of light, can be automatically printed with photographic quality paper and offer to players. These images are automatically stored in a database that feeds a web photo gallery.

Literally the possibility of drawing with this game, gives Syndyn its original and innovative character: being simultaneously an artistic, sports, and entertainment event that merges aesthetics, physical activity, technology and entertainment.

Light drawings

Example of a long exposure picture taken during a game.


Detail of one player arm and racquet movement.

One player hitting twice the speeder.


Colored light

Racquet hits trigger different light colors.


Player A hit colored the space with red light.


Player B hit colored the space with green light.


Light sources

Customized speeder with red LED.

Customized racquet with sensor and electro luminescent wire.


RGB color punch to change space chromatic appearence.


Video projected real time generated visuals contribute to color the space.



Soundscapes and correspondent light colors are choosed on an iPod touch.


Video report



Space Requirements

Indoor or outdoor space with a minimum area of 16 m x 8 m. The colored illumination can be applied to any natural or urban environment. This 3 images were grabbed in the internet and are just a reference to exemplify different possibilities.


Photo gallery (click on the following image to access)



Stand alone application programmed with graphic programming environment MAX

Apple iPod ™ application programmed with Fantastick



Intermedia Concept And Design: 3kta

Art Directors: André Rangel and Anne-Kathrin Siegel

Brainstorming Team: André Rangel, Anne-Kathrin Siegel and Fernando Alçada

Design and Production (Sound, Visuals, Interface, Software, Hardware): André Rangel

Photography Director: Luis Maruta

Video Camera Director: Rui Carvalhais assisted by Marcelo Graff and Nelson Leão

Players: André Dias, Paulo Coelho, Escola de Ténis da Quinta da Conceição, Francisca Bartoli, Afonso Martinho.


Special thanks!

Dr. Álvaro Barbosa, Dr. Paulo Ferreira Lopes, Ernesto Costa, Alberto Pires, Manuel Rui, João Souto, Simon Rangel, Antero Ferreira, Paulo Teixeira, Filipe Valpereiro, Mark Humel, Jana Brader, Paulo Megre, Carla Megre, Ana Rangel, Sílvia Rangel, Emanuel Macedo.

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