Project by André Rangel

Project by André Rangel

Pictures taken during the first testing session.

Video report

Experiment for visualization and sonification of voltage fluctuations along the scalp

Following an invitation from ARTES to participate in Mattia Casalegno 'Tangible Feelings Workshop', an experimental application was developed in Max programming environment to convert data digitized by Emotiv EPOC headset system to real time synthesized audio and visuals.

Particle systems and noise generators modulated by oscillators were controlled by users scalp-electrical-activity digitized by Emotiv EPOC headset.

Concept and Design: 3kta
Art Direction: André Rangel and Anne-Kathrin Siegel
Sound, Visuals and Programming: André Rangel
Performers: Francisco Marques Teixeira and Horácio Tomé Marques.
Projecct devoloped during Mattia Casalgeno 'Tangible Feeling Workshop' hosted by Artes - Programa de Arte Contemporanea at Fundação Manuel António da Mota.

Special thanks:
Paulo Vinhas, Dr. Álvaro Barbosa, Dr. Paulo Ferreira Lopes and Simon Rangel